These are a few of my favorite bedtime snacks. Sardines…we all love them. Mom gets the boneless skinless variety in water or olive oil. We all prance around while she opens the cans and divides them up in our bowls. YUM! My next favorite is the semi frozen raw tilapia my mom picks up at our local store. I get the most since I’m the biggest. I even like to chomp on it completely frozen. Jesse and the cats get theirs chopped up in small mostly thawed pieces. Everyone loves it. I also love fruits and veggies, I think my favorite are carrots, bananas and blueberries. My mom even bought me my own blueberry bush on the patio… and usually sissy and I share the cherry tomatoes she grows in the summer too. (I’m not really fond of celery and spinach…I usually spit those out!)