Meet Bucket and his friends

Our Beginning.

Bucket and Friends by Lion’s Market LLC is a family run business founded in 2016. A love for sewing developed into creating items both pets and pet owners love. Starting with her old sewing machine, Bucket and Friends founder, Lindsey, began playing with fabric and creating things for her furry family. Her many cats and dogs (and their cousins) are welcome testers to many prototypes, including Bucket the company’s name sake.

Why They Matter.

As cliché as it is we truly believe our pets are our family and we want them to have the best and they deserve it. We believe that pets matter and have a purpose and should be treasured. We want our products to enrich your relationship with your pet whether it’s keeping them comfortable on a walk or enhancing play time. The care and attention we give them makes a world of difference to them. When designing and developing new products we keep that in mind. Our products are proudly handcrafted in the USA.

What’s To Love.

Pet moms and dads love our colorful fleece coats, t-shirts, and neck warmers to keep their pets warm and looking good. These easy to put on clothes are great for a cool spring and fall day, a blustery winter walk, or even in the summer in the chill of the air conditioning.

Kitties love our stimulating catnip toys that excite their senses. We use an organically grown “rough cut” catnip. This type of cut lends itself to higher potency that keeps the cats coming back to their toys over and over again.


Owner, Bucket & Friends

Lindsey’s love of sewing and her furry family were a perfect match to create Bucket & Friends. She strives to create clothing and accessories for pups and kitties that both people and their pets will love.

Annie Marie

Owner, Lion’s Market by Ann

Our colleague, Annie Marie, is the inspired genius behind our catnip toys! Out of her passion helping people and their pups, she crafts and sells natural and organic shampoo for pups and their owners too! All of her highly-recommended products can be found at


Quality Control Manager 
Reluctant Clothing Model

The baby of the family and very much a mama’s boy! Bucket loves to give hugs and follow you wherever you go, a very faithful companion. Always wanting to know what is going on…we have dubbed him the quality control manager.


Personnel Manager

Adopted with Lucca, Jackson was added to the family in 2017. He LOVES to eat and tell the dogs who is boss (he is especially fond of Bucket) so we made him the Personnel Manager.


Communications Manager

Another kitty added to the family in 2017. Lucca is not afraid to make his presence known with his unique chatter. He is our Communications Manager.


Social Director

Peter is our newest addition to the family added in 2023. We are still getting to know him, but he loves everybody, people and animals alike. Fun, sweet and playful! A perfect Social Director.


Bucket’s friends were adopted through various shelters and rescues including:
Humane Animal Rescue, Beaver County Humane Society, Second Chance Rescue NYC

In Loving Memory

See you on the other side...If not before...


Ollie was adopted as a senior and had one of the sweetest personalities you can find. Ollie is greatly missed. His personality warmed the heart and home.
RIP Ollie 12-19-2018


Zoey you were gone too sudden and too soon. Your vivacious personality is incredibly missed. We love you sweet baby girl.
RIP Zoey 7-30-2020


Penny for 21 years you were a faithful friend. We miss your meow and gentle soul.
RIP Penny 8-11-2021


My precious Sasha, how I miss your adventurous and loving spirit. Thank you for years of laughter, smiles, and paw holding. RIP 10-30-21


My sweet Jesse. How I miss holding you and you sleeping on my chest. You had such a strong will and mind and it was total fun to be a part of your life. It was a joy to be your mom.
RIP Jesse 12-15-2023