Catnip Toys

Play is a vital part of your pets physical, mental, and emotional health....and it's just plain fun!


We use a generous amount of “rough cut” organically grown catnip in our toys. “Rough cut” catnip lends itself to higher potency. As a result, cats come back to their toys again and again.

Ribbon Tail Catnip Mice Toy

Catnip Toy – Ribbon Tail Catnip Mice

Our Ribbon Tail Catnip Mice Toy invokes sounds of happy kitties scampering through the house with their prize.


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Catnip Toy – Catnip Puff

Soft and brightly colored, our Catnip Puff Cat Toy is great little toy that kitties love batting around and carry through the house.


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Engaging Catnip Crinkle Toy

Catnip Toy – Bird Crinkle

Peak your cat’s senses with this engaging catnip crinkle toy! Cat’s love to carry this fun crinkle toy bird around in their mouth while mewing through the house. Cat owners know how much kitties love playing with crinkly bags, and with the addition of catnip this is a fun and exciting alternative.


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