Meet Bucket and his friends


Quality Control Manager

The baby of the family and very much a mama’s boy! Bucket loves to give hugs and play with his best friend Zoey. Always wanting to know what is going on…we have dubbed him the quality control manager.


Personnel Manager

Adopted with Lucca, Jackson was added to the family in 2017. He LOVES to eat and tell the dogs who is boss so we made him the Personnel Manager.


Head, Morale Department

Our most senior pet and meek and mild as can be (unless you have spaghetti sauce – then she is really quite wild!) Her loving personality can calm a hectic day – she of course is in charge of morale.


Chief Inspector

Jesse is a recent addition to the crew and we are still getting to know him. Jesse loves to observe all that is going on around him so we made him the chief inspector.


Head of Night Security / Model

Rescued as a puppy she is full of life. She loves to play and wrestle with her best friend Bucket. She also enjoys barking at the people walking by (and airplanes flying overhead) so we made her head of our security. Zoey also loves modeling clothing and bandanas and having her picture taken.


Bucket’s friends were adopted through various shelters and rescues including:

Humane Animal Rescue

Beaver County Humane Society

Second Chance Rescue NYC


Chief Shipping Clerk

She is our adventure kitty known to hang from the tops of doors or ride on your shoulders she loves people and is always ready for a scratch between the ears. Like any good cat, if there is a box she is in it. Because of her affinity for boxes we have made her the chief shipping clerk


Communications Manager

Another kitty added to the family in 2017. Lucca is a sweet boy who is not afraid to make his presence known. He is our new Communications Manager.

In Memory

Ollie was adopted as a senior and had one of the sweetest personalities you can find. Ollie is greatly missed. His personality warmed the heart and home. RIP Ollie 12-19-2018